Free and Discount Test Prep Programs

As part of my ongoing commitment to providing high quality free and discount test prep in addition to my private lessons, I offer several test prep programs, listed below, free of charge or at a 50+% discount to qualifying libraries and schools in New York City, Westchester, and Rockland. Librarians, administrators, students, and parents, please get in touch with me for more information or to discuss and plan a test prep program at your library or school.

Each program features active student participation, utilizes practice material from the test maker, and is presented in a two hour format unless indicated otherwise.

Eat SAT/ACT Nonfiction for Breakfast - Strengthen and sharpen key passage reading skills - practice and guidance. Learn to:
• articulate the subject, author's purpose, and main idea
• analyze passage organization and identify the function of each paragraph/section
• identify key ideas and the support and details accompanying them

SAT/ACT Algebra Fundamentals - Central algebra skills and concepts tested by the SAT and ACT, categorized with examples and guidance on how to build and practice these skills, including:
• modeling linear equations from word problems
• solving linear equations and systems of linear equations
• transforming algebraic equations
• solving word problems featuring ratios and rates

SAT/ACT Grammar No One Ever Taught You - Usage, mechanics, and rhetorical skills tested throughout the SAT Writing and ACT English tests but seldom touched on in school, with examples, practice, and recommendations of resources for additional study. Topics include:
• common errors featured on the SAT and ACT
• sentence structure, independent and dependent clauses, compound and complex sentences
• punctuation: commas, semicolons, colons, dashes

SAT/ACT Math for Giantkillers - Guidance on tackling the hardest SAT/ACT math problems, including multi-part problems, puzzles, and advanced math topics; for strong math students aiming for perfect SAT and/or ACT math scores. Topics include:
• quadratic equations: vertex form, graphing, completing the square, discriminant
• higher-degree polynomials: division, factoring, graphing
• algebraic formulation and reformulation/comparison problems
• matrices, vectors, statistics

LSAT Logical Reasoning Mastery - Essential skills and methods for the largest portion of the LSAT. Practice recognizing question types, analyzing stimuli, anticipating answers, and systematically sorting the answer choices into one right, four wrong. Topics and skills covered include:
• anatomy of an argument: identifying the main conclusion and its support
• finding vulnerabilities in an argument
• standard flaws in Logical Reasoning arguments
• formal logic and fallacies

LSAT Analytical Reasoning Strategy and Tactics - A structured approach to the LSAT's logic games section, using standard and hybrid games to develop a step-by-step method to handle this unique part of the test. Learn to:
• recognize game types and their standard presentation
• systematically assimilate game passages: read, interpret, notate, deduce
• identify and perform the tasks that specific question types call for
• develop and practice consistent, clear, and thorough notation
• enhance speed and efficiency at selecting the correct answer choice