SAT/ACT Books/Online

The following collapsible outline details the materials my students and I use to prepare for the SAT and/or ACT. Please click on triangular bullets (‣) to expand details and reveal links.
I. Practice SATs and ACTs

A. SAT and PSAT practice tests by the College Board, maker of the SAT • Free Download:
◦ The College Board's Practice SATs 1 through 8 free online
◦ The College Board's Practice PSATs 1 and 2 - nearly identical to the SAT; useful especially for piecemeal practice
Print out and take on paper any downloaded practice tests
The Official SAT Study Guide: The College Board's Practice SATs 1 through 8 in book format
B. ACT practice tests by ACT., Inc., maker of the ACT • Free Download:
2016-17 ACT Practice Test (Form 1572CPRE)
2012-13 ACT Practice Test (Form 1267C)
2009-10 ACT Practice Test (Form 0964E)
2008-09 ACT Practice Test (Form 0661C)
2005-06 ACT Practice Test (Form 0359F)
Print out and take on paper any downloaded practice tests
The Official ACT Prep Guide: Practice ACTs 1 through 3 in book format
C. Third-party practice ACTs/SATs (by publishers other than the test makers)
• Practice and study materials made by various third-party publishers can sometimes be helpful, although they can't replace the practice and diagnostic value of the real test makers' materials.
• Some third-party practice materials emphasize certain skill sets or include even harder-than-real-test content that can help you build your skills to yet higher demands (often helpful when aiming for a perfect score)

The Complete Guide to ACT English - Invaluable lessons on grammar, usage, and mechanics tested by the ACT English test, especially well-focused on how these skills are tested by this particular test.

The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar by Erica Meltzer - An invaluable guide to the grammar and rhetorical rules/errors tested by the SAT and the format in which the test presents them.

For the love of ACT Science - Very helpful book outlines important strategies to surmount the challenges of the ACT science test.

Khan Academy - SAT prep partner of the College Board
• Free SAT prep lessons and practice developed in collaboration with the College Board; a vast library of tremendously helpful free video lessons and practice in math and a wide variety of subject areas

Practice ACT essay prompts from
Practice ACT essay prompts from Dr. Robert Kohen

II. SAT Subject Test Prep - Practice Tests and Exercises

1. SAT Subject Tests from The College Board
The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests - Contains one actual, previously administered test in each of 20 subject areas. While the book only offers one test for each subject, it still has the important advantage of providing real College Board tests and is more valuable when used to prepare for more than one subject test.

The Official SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2 Study Guide - Provides four actual, previously administered Math 2 SAT Subject tests. A must for preparation for the Math 2.

2. Third-party SAT Subject Test Prep Dr. Chung's SAT Mathematics Level 2
- A fantastic book of valuable tips and 12 extra-hard practice tests that will whip your math skills into shape to earn an 800 or close to it.
Barron's SAT Subject Test Math Level 2
Another helpful guide and practice resource with its share of extra-hard problems.
III. Skills Study and Drills - Materials to Build and Strengthen Fundamental Skills
A. Math Fundamentals Online - Click for a list of links to valuable math resources.
B. Reading - Reading Sources, Passage Briefing Exercise, Q&A Exercise
C. Writing/English
D. Science