One-on-One and Group Lessons

Below please find some more details on the lesson options I offer. Please get in touch with me any time if you'd like to discuss and/or schedule lessons!

One-on-One Tutoring

I offer dedicated one-on-one test prep for SAT, ACT, LSAT, SSAT/ISEE, and more and tutoring in all high school math and physics subjects, including the SAT Subject Tests in math and physics.

Students and I preparing for the SAT and/or ACT usually meet once or twice weekly for a two-hour lesson over the course of two to four months depending upon the student's objectives and timing. My tutoring for academic subjects usually extends for the duration of the relevant class or is scheduled and targeted to help students hone their skills for important tests or projects.

Small Group ACT/SAT Prep (2-4 students)

My small group lessons offer custom tailored ACT and SAT prep lessons for two to four motivated friends/classmates at a fraction of the one-on-one price. Early lessons focus on introducing and practicing key test methods and tactics; later lessons emphasize rigorous practice with real test material accompanied by close analysis of performance and honing of strategy. Throughout our lessons we drill on and deepen key fundamental English and math skills whenever possible.

Small group lessons are scheduled and paid in advance in cycles of 8 or more two-hour sessions, typically timed to lead to an SAT and/or ACT test administration.

Team ACT/SAT Prep Program (5-10 students)

My team ACT/SAT prep program for five to ten students offers a rigorous curriculum of skill practice, test-taking methods and tactics, and ongoing test practice for both the SAT and ACT, noting their key distinctions yet more so their similarities.

Team test prep programs consist of 8 weekly two-hour sessions scheduled and paid in advance, typically timed to lead to an SAT and/or ACT test administration. Click here for more details, including a sample syllabus and schedule, of ACT/SAT Team Prep.