SAT/ACT Pre-Lessons Assignment

Please complete the following in preparation for our first SAT/ACT prep session:
  • Baseline Score
    • It's preferable though not mandatory that you establish a baseline score as your starting point for one or both tests.
      • If you've taken the PSAT and/or Pre-ACT, your scores can constitute a baseline; be sure to know your scores, including RW/M breakdown, and have access to your score report.
      • Otherwise (unless you've already taken a full length practice SAT by The College Board or practice ACT by ACT, Inc.), take one or both of the following as a diagnostic:
        • Practice SAT 1 from the Official SAT Study Guide 2018
        • Practice ACT 1 from the Official ACT Prep Guide 2018
        • Take each practice test as a faithful test simulation; grade, scale, and record your scores accessibly for easy reference.
        • If you're already confident that either the SAT or ACT will be your primary focus, you can take just that one practice test. However, I encourage you to make the investment of taking one practice SAT and one practice ACT in order to then compare your baseline scores and the feel of each test.
        • Click here for more detailed considerations on SAT vs. ACT.
  • Test Registration
    • If you already know one or more specific test dates you're planning for, please register ASAP to ensure you do so well before the deadline and get a seat at your preferred test center. Register before our first class meeting if possible!
  • Payment
    • Please be sure to bring along payment for the program in check or cash to our first class meeting (unless you've already remitted payment to me); I will collect payments before we begin. If you have any questions about payment, please get in touch with me before our first meeting.