Test Simulation: ACT/SAT

To provide the most effective practice and most reliable diagnostic other than a real ACT or SAT administration at a test center, aim to make each full practice test you take a "test simulation" that follows these guidelines:
  • The Test: Use a printed version of a practice ACT or SAT provided by the test maker (The College Board or ACT, Inc.).
  • Strictly Timed: Time yourself strictly according to the test's allotted time per section; if possible, have a family member or friend proctor.
    • Optionally, your proctor can use this adapted proctor guide and script for a particularly realistic test simulation.
    • Preferably, take the full test in a single sitting with 5-minute breaks between sections.
  • Grid Sheets: Use the applicable grid ("bubble") answer sheet to record your answers; when grading, grade the grid sheet only. (Marks in the actual test book, wrong or right, do not affect your score.)
  • No Scratch Paper: Use only the test book for any work or notation; no scratch paper is allowed on the ACT or SAT.
  • Pencil Only: Use only pencil for your work in the test book and your answer sheet bubbling.
  • Test Kit: Have at your disposal throughout the test your "test kit," the collection of items you will bring to your real ACT and/or SAT administration:
    • Pencils
    • Sharpener
    • Calculator
    • Extra Batteries
    • optional: Silent Test Timer Watch
  • Score: Grade, scale, and record in an easily accessible location your score for each test section and your composite score. Compare your practice scores as you proceed through multiple practice tests, noting your progress towards your target scores and strategizing to close any remaining gaps.