Team Practice Tests

The following details and requirements apply to proctored practice SATs:
  • Proctored tests will be administered at my Nyack teaching studio - please click the link for address and photo.
  • Seating begins 15 minutes before start time; tests begin at the designated time. Late students will not be admitted.
  • Students must subscribe to the Official SAT Online Course as a prerequisite for these practice tests.
  • Each practice test will follow the precise format of an actual SAT, including:
    • an experimental section indistinguishable from the other sections
    • breaks after sections 2, 4, and 6
  • For each test:
    • Please arrive early. Tests start precisely on time.
    • Bring everything you'll bring to the actual SAT, including
      • pencils
      • sharpener
      • calculator
      • extra batteries
      • mess-free, low glycemic index snack
  • I will score your test using the College Board's online scoring tool. To do so, I'll need your College Board user I.D. and password, which I'll use only once to access your account and enter data (after which I'll ask that you change your password).